Our products that we use have been proven for years. P J McGrath & Sons can come up with a solution to suit the most aggressive industrial chemical resistant finish. From a nuclear installation to the village bakery we have got the right resin.

Epoxy resin flooring provides an hard wearing surfaces that is ideal for most industrial environments and can be used where a seamless resin flooring solution is required.

Features of epoxy resin flooring:

  • Screed system of resin and fine aggregates
  • Trowel or specialist rake applied
  • Non slip resin finish
  • Smooth surface
  • High Gloss finish
  • Optional matt finish available
  • Applied in depths of 1-4mm

Features of epoxy resin screed flooring:

  • Screed system with higher percentage of aggregate
  • Decorative aggregates bound in clear resin
  • Greater depth and strength
  • Applied in depths of 3mm or greater
  • Trowel applied